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Who We Are

Dharma, Harvard’s Hindu Students Association
The heart of Hindu spiritual and cultural life at Harvard University

Dharma, Harvard’s Hindu Students Association, provides Harvard students with the opportunity to learn about and participate in Hindu festivals and traditions on campus within a close-knit community of fellow students. We celebrate Deepavali, Holi, and many other holidays in a student-run, student-oriented fashion that brings our community together.

Additionally, Dharma serves as a forum in which Harvard students learn about the Hindu religion and the culture associated with it. Our frequent forum discussions and speaker events serve students of all backgrounds and knowledge in an open format. Dharma also makes available information about Hinduism, offers students a forum to express their views on the Hindu religion and how it affects their lives, and most importantly acts as a springboard for any other Hinduism-related activities that its members might want to pursue. In recent times, these activities have included a Garba Team and Swadharma, a Hinduism journal.

Most importantly, Dharma is an organization open to everyone with the ultimate aim to create a supportive community for students

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